A delicious Korean snack, now a
sold out hand-drawn, 52 piece NFT collection.

Why 52? 오이빼주세요!
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Gimbap NFT characters

Our Story

Gimbap is a small team of designers, musicians, and entrepreneurs in Seoul, Korea who are developing #P2E dapps for K-pop fans.

Our first collection is an experiment in limited edition NFT collection design. All pieces are hand-drawn by Seyoung (한세영), a product designer in Seoul, South Korea.

Future collections will incorporate Play-To-Earn game mechanics and community voting.


Ryan Kulp playing guitar
Seyoung Han is an industrial designer and mechnical engineer in Seoul, Korea.

She is the co-creator of Yangmal (양말장난), a board game for Korean speakers and a recipient of the Asian Design Prize.
Ryan Kulp is an American musician and entrepreneur (founder of based in Seoul, Korea.

He helped create Korea's first crypto mining course ( and is a former growth consultant for, an L1 blockchain.


  • Launch, September 15 2021 (12am GMT +9)
  • 50% Sales, donate 50% of sales + royalties to suicide prevention charity (decided by community)
  • 80% Sales, preview second collection to community
  • 100% Sales, mint pre-sale for second collection, exclusively available to Gimbap holders

Our second and third collection drops will incorporate unlockable content (3d printable files) and Play To Earn gaming. We are currently building a team of dapp developers to code alongside Ryan (co-creator) and accommodate these plans.

Gimbap Rarity

Within the 52 piece collection are 4 groups with varied traits, starting at 0.01 ETH.

25x - common (plastic chopsticks, regular shirt, basic ingredients)
15x - normal (wooden chopsticks, regular shirt, basic ingredients)
10x - rare (metal chopsticks, tank top, premium ingredients)
2x - super rare (golden chopsticks, dress shirt, delicacy ingredients)

Traits Overview

Collection Overview

Gimbap NFT collection overview